Welcome to our family!

If you are here, you are probably willing to know more about not only our products, production capabilities, implemented business principles, or plans for the development of the company; but also about who we personally are. There is always someone behind the scenes, after all.

Therefore, we are glad you came by!

As a brand, Zolota Nyva was founded in 2001 thanks to the efforts of an average Ukrainian family. A family whose generations have cultivated the land, admired, and respected their work. A family, for whom it was painful to watch how Ukraine was gradually losing the bond between new generations. It was really throbbing to realize that our beloved golden fields now comprised just a sight of overgrown weeds as a result of thoughtless farming. Consequently, our hardworking people had utterly lost faith in their own land and fled abroad in the hope of finding a better fate...

In 2001, our family decided never to leave the homeland. And we set to work. It was not easy, but sometimes even very difficult. We not only worked tirelessly from morning till night but also did our best to develop a new direction for us – the processing of grown products. Along with that, we wanted to incorporate natural, high-quality products for those who value simple and healthy food. That is exactly how the idea became a reality and our #1 goal.

And we did it!

And we did it! Zolota Nyva provides natural dried vegetables, including but not limited to dried carrots, beetroots, parsley, and dill. All the products are grown with love, processed with care, and delivered with joy!
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Our values
  • High standards
  • Latest technology
  • Fair partnership
  • Employees first
  • Positive thinking
  • Social responsibility