White onion

Products are available in 0.5kg, 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, and 25kg packages.

Product Description

Chopped and powdered dried onion is made of selected raw material through drying in compliance with the proper dehydration procedure, maintaining its flavor. 

We offer chopped (pieces – 5x20mm, granules – 3x5mm), and powdered dried onion. 

There are no impurities, additives, preservatives, or dyes present in the product. 

Production and packaging of chopped and powdered dried onion meet all requirements of Ukrainian as well as international food safety standards.


Chopped and powdered dried onion is characterized by an intense aroma and sweet taste. The product lacks the bitterness of fresh onion. Due to natural preservation, dried onion retains most of the vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, B, C, essential oils, and polysaccharides. 

Dried onion has a long shelf life and is characterized by the simplicity of use and storage.

Cooking use

Chopped and powdered dried onion is used widely in dishes, pastries, minced meat, snacks, sauces, and canned food.

Compatibility with other additives

Dried onion can be used in accompany with different seasonings, vegetables, or other goods.