Product is available in 0.5kg, 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, and 25kg packages.

Product Description

Dried turmeric is bright yellow-orangish seasoning with delicate odor and intense flavor. 

We offer dried turmeric in a powdered form, obtained through proper dehydration and grinding procedures.

There are no impurities, additives, preservatives, or dyes present in the product.

Production and packaging of powdered turmeric meet all requirements of Ukrainian as well as international food safety standards.


Turmeric is rich in starch, essential oils, curcumin, borneol, sabinene, and vitamin B. Turmeric powder is often used for medical purposes as a dietary supplement for the liver, gastrointestinal tract, kidney, skin, as well as treatment of Alzheimer’s diseases and immunity improvement. In cosmetology, turmeric powder is an essential ingredient for anti-aging creams, hair- and nail-strengthening masks.

Cooking use

Turmeric powder is one of the main seasonings for Indian and Eastern cuisine. It is widely used for cooking pilaf, rice, chicken, fish, and meat. Furthermore, turmeric is also used for tinting drinks, confectionery, and dairy products. Often used in salad dressings and mayonnaise-based sauces.

Compatibility with other additives

Turmeric powder is quite compatible with different seasonings.