Products are available in 0.5kg, 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, and 25kg packages.

Product Description

Dill is traditionally prepared in dried form for long and efficient storage time. The dried product is made of carefully selected raw material through proper dehydration and grinding techniques. 

We offer dried chopped (small pieces – 2x6mm) and powdered dried dill.

There are no impurities, additives, preservatives, or dyes present in the product. 

Production and packaging of the product meet all requirements of Ukrainian as well as international food safety standards.


Dried dill is characterized by fresh aroma and intense taste. Due to the natural preservation of fresh dill, useful properties are fully retained. Dried dill is rich in vitamins B and C, carotene, folic acids, iron, calcium salts, potassium, and phosphorus.

Cooking use

Dried dill is a traditional seasoning for first and second-course dishes in many of the countries worldwide. It is usually used to improve the flavor of fish, vegetables, mushroom dishes, omelets, salads, cottage cheese, etc.

Compatibility with other additives

Dried dill goes well with a wide variety of seasonings.